The XVIIe board of Cultuur op de Campus consists of: 

Chair – Benthe van der Grijp
Hi! My name is Benthe (22 years old) and I am the chair of Cultuur op de Campus. This position gives me the opportunity to learn a lot about managerial responsibilities while working on subjects that interest me greatly—such as exhibitions or poetry. As chair I have many different tasks, for example I coordinate the board to achieve all objectives together and I support the member associations where possible. I also try very hard to get people to listen to me in other aspects of my life, but unfortunately my friends are too stubborn. No day looks the same! I myself am a fourth-year political science student who, because of a great predilection for culture, chose to do a board year at CODC. This predilection expresses itself in particular in drawing, painting and playing the guitar. I would like to conclude by stating that my dream job is on the slopes, but CODC comes in a close second.

Secretary – Ilse Franssen
My name is Ilse (21 years old) and I am a third year German Language & Culture student. I am the secretary this year and I am really enjoying my time at CODC. Especially because as secretary I manage the mail and therefore also help organize the events and contact the member organizations. As a hobby I also joined the court dance association Les Précieuses Ridicules through CODC this year and I have been playing alto saxophone since group 8. I also like reading, movies and Formula 1. I am also a fan of Marvel movies and I like to read fantasy books. I'm actually up for anything and a great enthusiast. That is what makes it so much fun to keep in touch with associations and contacts in the city. I like to be involved in organizing the things I like. Like a movie night or a dance performance. So if you have ideas, don't hesitate to email them. ;)


Treasurer – Aniek Suurmond
Hi, my name is Aniek (21 years old) and this year I am the treasurer of Cultuur op de Campus. I am currently a fourth year political science student and hope to get my bachelor's degree this year. That is a challenge as CODC makes my life quite busy. As treasurer I am mainly concerned with the three b's: payments, budgets and accounting. Also in my spare time I have three b's: board games, books and boy bands. In addition to my tasks as treasurer, I am also involved in tasks that actually belong to the PR coordinator, namely the website (together with Franka) and making posters and posts (together with the committee). As a result, this year, sometimes with some reluctance, I learned to work with many different programs: Excel, WordPress, Elementor, Photoshop and InDesign. Besides all these insanly fun things, I also have fun with my board members, from watching Formula 1 with Ilse to annoying Benthe.

Political Representative – Franka Noordam

Hi friends, I'm Franka, 21 years old and the Political Commissioner. Besides talking to a lot of people to get things done and reading documents to comment on them, I surprisingly have other interests as well. In my spare time I try sports (lifting heavy things in a sweaty room or cycling like old men in too tight suits) and I like culture related activities, or I play DnD. I like going to concerts and parties ranging from classical to techno and I also play a bit of guitar myself. Also, my room is slowly turning into an intratuin. I also like photography! I am currently still a student and will start my master Planning, Land and Real Estate development next year, after my (4th year of course) bachelor's degree in Geography, Planning and Environment. This means that Soviet flats and neighborhoods from the 1930s get's me going. Greetings!

Programming coordinator – Stan van Geel

Production coordinator – Rebecca-Elisa de Jeer
Hi I am Rebecca-Elisa The production coordinator of this year. I chose to do a board year because during secondary school I was always involved in different organizations, for example the band night. When I started studying I missed this, when I saw the position production coordinator at CODC this seemed a perfect position for what I was missing and looking for.

As a production coordinator you are responsible for writing scripts, technicians and you are the head of the production committee. During a production you ensure that everything runs smoothly, you know who is in which position, you ensure that everyone is where they need to be on time and you are the point of contact during the evening. So you are above all a doer :) If you like to roll up your sleeves, learn technique (if you don't already know this ;) ) and also see how you can broaden the knowledge within your committee, is this position for you!