Campus poet elections

Campus poet elections
An election is held annually to determine the new Radboud University campus poet. This election is organised by multiple parties: Cultuur op de Campus, On Rough Planks(verwijst naar een andere website) and De Nieuwe Oost|Wintertuin(verwijst naar een andere website).

What does the Campus poet do?
The Campus Poet is the literary face of the campus for a whole year. They provide the campus with wanted and unintended literary commentary. As a Campus Poet you perform; think of lectures, festivals and literary evenings both on campus and in the city.

As a Campus Poet you can be asked to perform by various parties after you have won the competition. Think of the Poetry Week programming of Cultuur op de Campus or a performance at the Wintertuin festival. You really try about campus life and related matters. If inspiration fails, you can always visit one of the three organizers, De Nieuwe Oost/Wintertuin, Literary Magazine On Rough Planks and Cultuur op de Campus. 

Huidige Campusdichter 2022-2023

Derk Wijkamp (Filosofie en Bestuurskunde) treedt als campusdichter op verschillende plekken op bij literaire evenementen en verzorgt voor meerdere officiële gelegenheden van de universiteit en in de stad voordrachten en gedichten.

Previous Campus poets

Campus poet 2021-2022: Sam Theunissen

Campus poet 2020-2021: Jochem Kruit

Campus poet 2019-2020: Melissa Ketelaar

Campus poet 2018-2019: Lev Avitan

Lev Avitan expresses itself mainly through Dutch Spoken Word. He is a frequent performer at Mensen zeggen Dingen, performed at the Buiten Zinnen Literair festival and made himself heard during various programs at Radboud University.

Campus poet 2017-2018: Sander Bisselink

Sander Bisselink (Master's student Psychology) gave lectures at several Cultuur op Campus events, wrote poems for the VOX monthly and performed at events in the city.

Campus poet 2016-2017: Merel van Slobbe

Merel van Slobbe (Master's student in Philosophy) has had her poems published monthly in VOX magazine, performed at Kunstfest and the Cultuurfeest, spoke at the opening of the renovated Cultuurcafé and presented her work at Gedichtennacht.

Campus poet 2015-2016: Jordi Lammers

Jordi Lammers (second-year student of Dutch Language and Culture) published his poems monthly in VOX magazine, read his work at the Cultuurfeest in LUX and spoke at the Gedichtennacht in Merleyn.

Campus poet 2014-2015: Loren Brouwers

Loren Brouwers (General Cultural Sciences) is a first-year student, but this certainly does not apply to her earnings in the world of poetry. She is working hard and her poems appear in VOX, just like her predecessors.

Campus poet 2013-2014: Irene Schoenmacker

Irene Schoenmacker (General Cultural s Sciences). Close for at least twelve years and has already won many competitions, but wrote less in recent years. Her work was graced in VOX by Menah's graphic work.

Campus poet 2012-2013: Linda van der Pol

As a Campus Poet, Linda van der Pol (a student of Dutch) gave solicited and unsolicited poetic commentary on Nijmegen student life. Her poems regularly appeared in unexpected places and she published her work in VOX.

Campus poet 2011-2012: Joep aan den Boom

Look here for the work of Joep aan den Boom. With the help of a dose of humor he managed to keep the attention of the audience well. He published regularly in the Pleekrant of AKKUraatd, among others.

Campus poet 2008-2009: Wout Waanders

Wout Waanders writes poems and has performed at festivals such as Onbederf'lijk Vers, Zwarte Cross, Zomerparkfeest and Lowlands. His work has appeared in Extaze, Kluger Hans and Das Magazin.

Campus poet 2007-2008: Bart van Oost