Cultuur op de Campus has three committees that support the board members and are given the freedom to work through their own creative ideas. These are the committees:

Programmering committee:
The programming committee organizes cultural event. They do this under the supervision of the programming coordinator. Do you have great ideas for events and are you looking for a place where you can realize them? Then CODC is the place for you! In addition, it is fun and educational to set up cool activities together with your committee and to brainstorm about what fun activities are. In addition, there is also a lot of room for other creative excesses or for a nice drink with each other. You complement each other: for example, one person is more interested in literature, the other in music, and so on. The committee meets approximately once a week, together with the programming coordinator. It is also a very nice kickstart if you have ambitions in the cultural sector, because you come into contact with many people. Interested? Send an email to!

Production committee:
The production committee is there to provide support with organizing the events. Think of receiving backstage artists, setting up and dismantling the stage, providing food and drinks and of course experiencing the event for free. The production committee is more of a 'pool' of people: if you would like to come and help and experience an event behind the scenes (or just before), then this committee is for you! You are supported by the production coordinator; by whom you are directed that day. You also get to know a lot of people here, which is also nice for your connections within the cultural sector. There is certainly room for fun with the committee ;). Interested? Send an email to!

This year (2021-2022) CODC also has a PR committee. This is because unfortunately we don't have a PR coordinator on our board this year and we all have no experience with designing posters in InDesign. That's why we have our great PR committee! Based on the CODC house style, they make monthly ladders, posters for events and other promotional posts. These can be created on the Mac at the office. So are you somewhat handy with Apple and you know what InDesign is? Then this committee is really something for you! Designing a poster is very easy and fast; so there is room for creative freedom here too. People are still welcome, so send an email to!