Nijmeegs Student Debating Association Trivium

Trivium, the student debating society in Nijmegen, is a young and active student society. Some members come mainly for the debating, but many others join for fun. Every Tuesday from 18:45 we come together in the Elinor Ostrom building gebouw for debates about society, politics, history and much more!

Of course, we don’t just debate. After an evening of verbal riposte and competition we gather for drinks at Café the Kluizenaar, and we organize many more activities throughout the year. Pub quizzes, game nights, karaoke or anything the always excellent social committee can think of!

Whether you are new to debating or or a veteran of many verbal spars, Trivium is the place for you! Between workshops and national and international tournaments there is space for people of all levels to learn and grow.

Are you interested or do you want more information? Don’t hesitate to email us at or visit

We hope to see you soon!

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