Cultuur op de Campus has been the umbrella organization for cultural student organizations since 2018. This means that we represent and facilitate them where possible. Discover here what Cultuur op de Campus can do for you as an affiliated organisation.


Cultuur op de Campus contributes ideas about rehearsal, storage and meeting rooms on campus or beyond. The wishes of the member organizations are mapped out and we try to realize these at a political level, but also by getting started ourselves.

For example, we actively enter into discussions with parties that offer suitable spaces, such as Radboud University, HAN or community centers of the municipality. To achieve these goals, we work closely with Student Life, the branch of the university that supports student organizations. In addition to the above examples, there are many other practical matters that we can help with. If you are missing something as an association, please contact us.


In addition, we prepare notes to the Executive Board on matters concerning the support of culturally active students who are still missed at Radboud University and we discuss this in the University Student Council, where Cultuur op de Campus has a seat.

We are also seeking political inputs at HAN to facilitate further agreements in support of cultural organisations.

Subsidy grants

Cultuur op de Campus verstrekt sinds 2018 subsidies vanuit de Radboud Universiteit aan haar lidorganisaties. Hierin worden wij geholpen en overzien door Student Life. Door gesprekken met lidorganisaties in het begin van het jaar willen we de mogelijkheden voor subsidies samen onderzoeken. Daarop kan een subsidieaanvraag gedaan worden bij Cultuur op de Campus om de begroting sluitend te krijgen. Voor meer informatie over de aanvraag zie het subsidieregelement


Cultuur op de Campus has its own successful promotion channels, both online and offline, managed by the PR Coordinator. It is possible to get support in the promotion of a member organization through the PR Coordinator. It is also possible to promote your events through the Culture on Campus channels.

In addition, we refer interested students to our member organisations, for example during the final presentation of the cultural courses in the Sports Centre.

Connecting and informing

Cultuur op de Campus organizes meetings for all its member organizations in both a formal and informal atmosphere. This is expressed in, for example, monthly drinks, meetings and the Cultuurgala. Furthermore, CODC organizes general members' meetings to inform members about current cultural developments on Campus Heyendaal.


Cultuur op de Campus organizes or arranges workshops for student administrators if there is a need for this or if this seems interesting. These can be design workshops, PR workshops or a transfer workshop. In many cases we work closely with Student Life to provide a professional offer.

Founding an association

Cultuur op de Campus helps students to establish new cultural associations. The condition is that this association brings something new to cultural students. Do you have an idea for a new association? Send an e-mail to