Job description political representative

± 36 hours per week

As Political Representative (PoCo), you represent the cultural student organisations and all the culturally interested students. You will take a seat in the University Student Council (USR), where you can make your voice heard. In the USR, you will be able to respond to policy proposals, set up new initiatives and write memos to the Executive Board (OR). Your task is to understand what is going on in your ranks and to advocate for pressing concerns. The plans you create are usually medium to long-term plans, such as financing and building a new cultural centre.

Additionally, you have a lot of room to disseminate and deploy your own personal ideas, visions and ambitions to further improve the university. As a PoCo, you have a versatile position; one moment you have a meeting with the university real estate company, and the next you are having coffee with the Executive Board. You will be committed to themes that affect culture, and beyond that there is plenty of room to set up other initiatives. Would you like to stand up for culture in the USR? Then this position is definitely for you!

As Political Representative:

  • You represent the interests of Cultuur op de Campus (CODC) and its member organisations at HAN and RU;
  • Take a seat in the USR on behalf of CODC. As a USR member you are also part of the Joint Assembly (GV), and you meet every six weeks with the Works Council (OR) and the Executive Board;
  • Inform the member organisations and the committees about everything that is going on within the University Participation Council.

Generally, this happens during CODC’s GMA’s. As Political Representative, you are mainly active within the USR as a cultural representative. This means that you:

  • Take part in the GV committees, in which subjects put forward by the CvB are discussed;
  • Take partin working groups, in which subjects are tackled on their own initiative with fellow USR members;
  • Organise university-wide campaigns such as Participation Day, Rector on Tour and Radboud by Night;
  • Proactively enter into discussions with policy makers, administrators and directors to ensure that they are facilitated as best as possible for the (culturally involved) students in Nijmegen.
  • Ultimately, your duties consist of student advocacy, which can include all types of activities besides those listed. Examples are: attending other meetings, sounding board groups or activities.
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