Job description production coordinator

Do you like coordinating events? Can you manage people and keep cool under pressure? 

Then we are looking for you as a production coordinator!

As a production coordinator you are responsible for the production tasks of Cultuur op de Campus. This usually relates to executing productions set up by the programming coordinator and their committee: band competitions, exhibitions, movie nights. You are therefore very involved in the tasks that the programming coordinator carries out: when the program is ready, you roll up your sleeves and you get to work.

You ensure that the event runs smoothly on the day itself. You are responsible for keeping a schedule, in which you accurately keep a record of the essential details of the event; who will be present and at what time the event will start. In addition, you are responsible for directing the attendees in the right way, greeting the artists and ensuring that everyone has a good time. It is therefore mainly a very practical function, in which you have relatively fewer meetings.

In addition to coordinating the events, you will also be responsible for the production committee, which includes members that you can call upon during an event. You can then determine together with these committee members where they are best suited. This concerns, for example, stagehands, sound technicians or light technicians. 

You will also start looking at the possibilities to expand the knowledge within the production team. You will look at the possibilities for new courses in the field of technology, such as the use of light and sound in Theater Hall C, or another course on how to build a band set up. There are many types of ways and possibilities to ensure that the execution of the events will run more smoothly. 

Are you that production coordinator who knows how to tackle things and are you interested in this position? You can apply by sending your CV and motivation to

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