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± 36 hours per week 

You love organising events. In daily life you are busy with setting up great cultural programs: band competitions, film evenings, writing workshops, flash mobs. You love brainstorming and dreaming, and you prefer to try to make these dreams come true. 

Then the position of programming coordinator is really something for you!

As a programming coordinator you are involved in devising and setting up events. These are productions in various shapes and sizes: from the art night to Kaf and Koren, from a collaboration with the library during the poetry week to the introduction festival. It is up to you to set up the Culture on Campus program.

You will do this in collaboration with your programming committee. As a programming coordinator you are chair of this committee and you guide your committee members through the process of organising events. Together you will make the coolest programs a reality. In addition, as a programming coordinator you work closely with your fellow board members such as the production coordinator, the PR coordinator and the treasurer. They will support you where necessary. For example, you will maintain a lot of contact with the production coordinator to ensure that the events run smoothly, while you collaborate with the PR coordinator for great promotion and with the treasurer so that the event is financially in order.

You also work closely with your other board members! 

You are always looking for innovation. You want to develop new productions, but also bring the student audience to new places. You do this by entering into new collaborations with other cultural organisations in the city, such as LUX, the library, Doornroosje or the Lindenberg. For example, you can look at the possibilities for joint programming, or at other forms of collaboration. This way, the craziest ideas can become reality!

Zo kunnen de gekste ideeën zomaar werkelijkheid worden!

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