Job description secretary

± 36 hours per week 

As a secretary you like administrative tasks and carefulness. You are the one who ensures that all administrative aspects are done. This ensures that the rest of the board can do its job properly and easily. The secretary is the first point of contact for the organisation: you manage the mailbox and agenda, and you are also the first point of contact for the member organisations. You arrange the administrative tasks of the organisation, and also ensure a pleasant internal atmosphere by organising internal activities.

You take notes of the meetings and coordinate the physical office located at the university. Together with the chairman and political chair, you also form a political team whose main goal is to defend the interests of member organisations and the position of culture at Radboud University. Finally, together with the chairman and treasurer, you are responsible for providing subsidies to the member organisations. Are you structured, have great language skills and do you like this administrative position? Then we are looking for you! 

Job description and duties:

  • In this position you are aware of everything that is happening inside and outside the organisation.
  • Administration: e.g. taking notes during board meetings and periodic General Members' Meetings, managing the schedule and keeping the digital archive in order. 
  • Communication: mail and post coordinator.
  • Randvoorwaarden scheppen: o.a. bestuursbeurzen aanvragen en zaalreserveringen. 
  • Creating preconditions: e.g. applying for board grants and room reservations.
  • Compiler of internal newsletter to member associations and committee members. Finally, the secretary represents the Nijmegen student culture organisations. This is a shared task with all other board positions.

Are you interested in this position? You can apply by sending your CV and motivation to!

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