Job description chair

± 36 hours per week

As chairman, you are the face and voice of the organisation; you are the person who is always open to discuss the wishes of the member organisations and other cultural matters. The chairman keeps an eye on the objectives of the organisation and coordinates the rest of the board to achieve them together.

You prepare policy and annual reports, you lead board meetings, and you are the first point of contact for the rest of your board. It is important that you see the big picture. In addition to keeping an overview, you form a team together with the political chair and secretary, to defend the interests of the member organisations and the position of culture at Radboud University. 

Your job is to attend 'umbrella meetings' with the other umbrella organisations and Student Life, and you keep in touch with sister associations in other cities. Finally, together with the treasurer and secretary, you are responsible for providing subsidies to the member organisations. In short: Are you in the mood for a new fun challenge and do you think you can chair the new board of Culture on Campus 2021/2022?

Job description and duties:

  • Representation: maintaining and establishing new contact with internal and external organisations. You maintain contact with the member organisations and the committees. Together with the political chair you are in contact with Student Life and you represent the member organisations and their interests within Radboud University and HAN.
  • Team leader: As chairman you are responsible for preparing and leading the weekly board meetings and the periodic General Members' Meetings and you are ultimately responsible for the progress of the organisation. You supervise the execution of the tasks of the board and ensure that these are done in a timely manner, whereby you put the continuity of the association or committee first.
  • Policy: the chairman has a leading role in shaping policy. They coordinate the writing of the policy plan and ensure that it is properly implemented. At the end of the year, the chairman coordinates the writing of the annual report.

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