Vacancy programming committee

± 10 hours per week

An important goal of CODC is to regularly organize cool events that are open to all students. Would you like to come up with those events? Then the programming committee might be something for you! You meet with the committee every week and between meetings you call and text with the rest of your team. The teams represent different cultural disciplines: visual arts, literature, music, film and theatre. These teams have a number of programs that are to be organised annually, such as Kaf en Koren (music competition) and the campus poet elections. However, as a committee member you can fill in the rest of the year yourself, together with the rest of the committee. Collaboration between the different disciplines is encouraged. For example, you could organize a film night with live music in theatre hall C! As soon as the programming committee has devised the concept and the artists have been contacted, the production committee and the PR committee take over.

You are often in contact with various cultural institutions in Nijmegen with which CODC collaborates. Examples are: LUX, Sleeping Beauty, Popronde, Africa Museum, De Vereeniging and the Gelderland South Library. A committee year at CODC is therefore also very good to orientate yourself in the (Nijmegen) cultural world. You also work with parties within Radboud University and student organizations, such as the LGBT association Dito (Pink Week), Radboud Green Office (Green Week) and umbrella association Olympus (Science Festival). In short, CODC has a wide network within the city that you can use as a committee member!

Would you like to organize cultural events for a wide student audience? Would you like to work in the cultural sector later on? Then sign up for a committee year at CODC! Send your CV and motivation to

Vacancy production committee

± 10 hours per week

Do you see yourself more as a "doer" than a "thinker"? Then you’d fit in well in the production committee! Unlike the programming committee, the production committee does not have fixed meeting times. You are mainly present on the day itself to carry out the production tasks of the events. For example, the hospitality of artists, taking care of sound and lights and setting up attributes on stage. You are also responsible for setting up exhibitions and removing them again. After the events, you evaluate together with the rest of the committee: what went well? What can be improved? You pass this information on to the programming committee, so that they can take it into consideration when organizing new events. 

Do you like to be practical? Do you want a varied position that does not have fixed meeting times? Then register for the production committee of Cultuur op de Campus! Apply by sending a CV and motivation letter to

Vacancy PR-committee

After the events have been organized, people should know that they are taking place. That is the task of the PR committee: to ensure that CODC events are promoted among the student population. The PR coordinator is the head of the committee. The committee devises promotional campaigns for the CODC events. This can take place on Instagram and Facebook, but offline promotion in the form of posters and monthly folders, for example, is also very important. The PR committee meets every week and the members have different tasks: 

Online content creator: We need good texts for our posts on social media. That is what you are responsible for as an online content creator. You also help the PR coordinator in making a content planning, and you think about how the promotion can be tailored to the event. 

Graphic designer: Good texts need beautiful pictures and that is what you, as a graphic designer, take care of. You have an affinity with programs such as Photoshop, InDesign and Lightroom. You take care of the graphic work, so that many people will come to the events. Furthermore, you make posters, Facebook banners, monthly ladders, Instagram posts and Instagram stories. 

Photographer / Videographer: CODC organizes many events, and it is great to have images of them. As a house photographer / videographer, you take the best snapshots, so that they can be shared on our social media channels. You can also be used to make video images, which can be edited later and placed on our website / social media.


Are you interested in any of these positions? Then join the PR committee! To apply, you can send an email to your CV and motivation in the attachments. We would also like to receive a portfolio of previous work for the positions of graphic designer and photographer.