The idea to compose a set of 24 preludes, in all major and minor keys, has inspired many composers throughout the centuries, from Bach’s Das Wohltemperierte Klavier until the present day. It provides the composer with a great, but also challenging opportunity to compile a set of miniatures with great variety in mood and character. In this concert Ben van Daal will play his own newly composed set of Preludes (2023), in a recognizable musical language reminiscent of the romantic style period, as well as a selection of the preludes that inspired him in writing this set by a.o. Chopin and Scriabin.

Pianist/composer Ben van Daal studied classical piano at Imola Piano Academy in Eindhoven and later at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Tilburg. Through the years he has worked with many artists, choirs and all kinds of ensembles, making him an experienced accompanist in a broad range of musical styles: from classical music and music theatre to jazz and pop. In his performances the element of improvisation is always present, both in his interpretations of existing music and in playing entirely new improvisations, making each event a unique experience. 

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